MQA Approved


The accreditation by Mauritius Qualifications Authority is highly valued for any institution that wants to be legally recognised. So is 2MTech!


Within one year of business, our institution has acquired the status of being an MQA approved training center. This is very important for any institution that wants to be legally recognised and dispense services in a stable as well as safe environment. Rest assured, the MQA accreditation is not easily attained!


Any organisation willing to provide training is required to be duly registered with the MQA and there a bunch of rules to follow for complete registration. We first had to apply and check for our eligibility to be listed legally as a training center. Thereon, we processed the fees and provided a list of the trainers who are fully qualified to deliver these trainings. Note that, all our trainers are in line with MQA requirements, providing quality education ensuring excellent results. All the courses listed in our training center have been verified and approved to be offered to students. 2MTech also had to assure MQA that it is registered as a business entity holding a valid BRN (Business Registration Number).


Concerning every other hazard that may affect the operations of an organization or institution, 2MTech had to assure MQA that it meets the health and safety and fire safety requirements. 2MTech is an institution that holds an important value on the market. No training center in Mauritius is allowed to operate if it does not match the criteria needed by MQA and if it does so, then it is operating illegally.


What does this mean for students?


Students gaining a training from a recognised institution are at bay of risks as they acquire a certification that is MQA approved. This will further help them in their efforts while searching for a job. Coming from a training center that is MQA accredited has much more value than acquiring a certificate from a non-MQA center. You as a student, stand more chance of landing on a job.


2MTech ensure all future students seeking for quality education that this is the best place where you can grab IT trainings. We offer a support like no other training center like no other, that is, we do not charge for extra support that students need and our lab (which is one of the best IT training labs in Mauritius), is always opened to students who want to train in their free time. Are you still thinking to join us? Stop thinking, just join us! We are just a call away: +230 212 2222.