Jatin, the Director of 2MTech visit to US…


Microsoft Inspire 2018!


Do Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality and Internet of things ring a bell?


These technologies are transforming the current world and it is an on-going process. Not only businesses, but the society is also reaping these benefits and reaching new heights. Think about retail business itself, it’s becoming more personal where there is human touch without the presence of physical bodies. The Banking system for example is also becoming more seamless while the healthcare is more preventive and predictive.


While all these processes ease with time, the contribution of Microsoft Partners does not go into oblivion. Thousands of partners around the world are stakeholders in this transformation taking place and making a global impact by choosing Microsoft technologies. So has 2MTech done! Our director, Jatin attended the Microsoft Inspire 2018 and participated in several exchanges at the event. Our line of business is such that, it has become vital to keep tab on the current trends and changes in the technology field. This is what paves our way to success and motivates our Director and the team to continuously improve on the services being offered to the clients.


We are Microsoft Silver Cloud Learning Partner and look forward to so much more collaboration with Microsoft in the future.