CompTIA Certified Partner


2MTech is a certified CompTIA training delivery partner, thus delivers professional training in CompTIA certifications. In doing so, we commit to provide valuable tools and resources to those enrolled for the certifications programs with us.


IT gives us immense pleasure to train people who want to learn CompTIA from scratch and also those who are professionals in their respective fields but who need an additional baggage of IT knowledge. Research also supports the fact that such trainings improve communication skills and help certified people get a grasp of new as well as complex technologies.


Who is CompTia?


CompTia has around 2,000,000 IT certifications distributed to professionals worldwide and is dedicated to leverage their IT knowhow. Considered as the foundation needed for an IT course, it is recommended whenever someone decides to kick-start their career in this field.


What do we get and can therefore offer as CompTia Partners?

  • Access to the IT community
  • We access a complete CompTIA Instructor Network
  • Access to CompTIA hosted webinars
  • Certification road map
  • CompTIA learning materials
  • Certification exam objectives resources


We have so much more to offer being a CompTIA certified partner to those who are keen to start a career in IT. The foundation offered can basically help any person build a stronger career with time. This is the future and 2MTech believes in blending with changes in order to offer quality education. Feel free to give us a call on +230 212 2222 if you need an advice or want to start the course asap.


Remember that time belongs to those willing to move with the future. Be part of the change!